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What is Give It, Get It INC?

Give it, Get It INC (GIGI) is a non profit organization that focuses on getting things from the hands of people that have them to the hands of people that need them. Items are donated to us and then we decide whether items are in good enough condition for someone else to use. If they are then they are cleaned, sanitized, and either donated directly to individuals or donated to other local Lawrence nonprofits. To see a list of the places we donate to, check out our disclaimer under the “about” tab. If an item is in poor condition we either restore it or try our best to recycle it. Occasionally, items are thrown away, but more often than not we are able to break things down to where at least part of the item is reused or recycled. 


All of our available items are listed under the tab above labeled “items.” Items are organized generally under that tab and then more specifically within each category. If you are looking for something specific, feel free to send us a message. It is possible we have an item but it hasn’t made it to the website, or possible that we have contacts at other nonprofits that could get you the things you need.

Where are GIGI services located?

GIGI is only available to those in Lawrence, KS and the directly surrounding area. We look forward to possible future partnerships with more regional agencies.

What services does GIGI provide?

GIGI does 3 things 

  1. We pick up your donations

  2. We sort through all of the items and give them a clean and sanitize if necessary, and then store them until those items are chosen

  3. We drop off your order of item(s), contactlessly if possible

What does GIGI cost?

Nothing! GIGI provides all of its services free of charge. If you want information on how to donate your money or time, check out the “get involved” page under the “about” tab above.

What is the sanitization procedure at GIGI?

We pick up items masked and gloved, and let them sit for the appropriate amount of time given the EPA guidelines (link below). Before items are dropped off they are given as deep a sanitize as possible and then are delivered with gloves and masks.

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